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Dr. Konradsheim

Porsche mania seized me thirty-five years ago, and I’ve never looked back.

I bought my first Porsche, a 914, soon after passing my driving test. I could barely afford it, and I’m afraid it wasn’t the best buy I ever made.
Having completed my study of law, during which time I briefly owned a few more Porsches, I decided to make a career of my passion. I have been working with Porsche cars for over thirty years now, and while such classic models as the 911, 356, 928 and 959 are closest to my heart, I also take a keen interest in Porsche’s more recent and equally exciting cars.
To me, each Porsche expresses character, elegance and style. Moreover, I consider them to be technological masterpieces that represent a tireless striving for improvement and perfection.
We offer Porsche enthusiasts and style aficionados – or anybody with an interest in becoming one – a wide range of carefully chosen Porsche sports cars as well as selected rarities from other makes that meet our exacting standards. Each and every car we sell has to meet strict criteria if it is to become a “Konradsheim Porsche” and bring pleasure to its owner.
Through a rigorous set of road tests and technical checks, I personally ascertain the quality and condition of each vehicle and ensure that it is carefully and lovingly restored to the highest possible standard.
What I want to offer you is more than just a Porsche – it’s a new lease on life.
I look forward to your visit!

Dr. Georg Konradsheim

Dr. Georg Konradsheim

I have shared my deep interest in and knowledge of Porsche sports cars

as co-author of two books.

Carrera RS was published in 2015 and has quickly become a standard reference in the literature on Porsche; a second volume, 911 R, was published in 2018.



Tobias Schwarz

My first encounter with the world of Porsche was twelve years ago, when I took a job at Konradsheim alongside my business studies. I soon developed a fascination for classic Porsches and have been its grip ever since. Now I work in the company full time and am in charge of buying and selling, of customer service and after-sales support. Having worked alongside Georg Konradsheim for as long as I have, I am sometimes called “junior”.


Claudia Kafka

When I started as office manager in 1997, I shared a single computer with Georg Konradsheim. That seems almost unimaginable now. Expectations and standards have changed; more work than ever is done digitally and demands a high level of precision and attention to detail. And that’s where I see my strength. I make sure that everything in the office runs smoothly and is done thoroughly and in time. And though this not an official part of my job description, I also keep the team’s spirits up by providing it with homemade cakes and fresh fruit. 

Porsche to the highest standard

Porsche stands for perfection

and we remain true to its standard of perfection. It is the foundation of the service we offer and the cars we sell. We always make sure to personally ascertain the quality of each car, from the first test drive to the meticulous technical check-up. With our many years of experience, we are able to decide exactly what steps need to be taken to restore each Porsche to the best condition possible. Only then will the car truly deliver the superlative pleasure of driving that you are looking for. The high standards we set ourselves and our cars are shared by a network of highly specialised garages and partners in Germany and Austria.

35 years of experience and skill

For thirty-five years, our passion, our interest and our professional focus have been devoted to the legendary cars made by Porsche. In this time, we have built a reputation as a recognised and indeed renowned specialist in Austria and abroad. Since the company’s founding, we have refurbished and sold some 3000 Porsches. In doing so, we have not only built up a fund of experience and a high level of technical skill, but have also acquired a detailed insight into the market in Porsche cars, both nationally and internationally.

A question of style

A Porsche is more than a masterpiece of technology. A classic Porsche is a work of art shaped by its history and which embodies the spirit of the people who built it. Its character is unique, its identity unmistakable. As such, it is quite unlike any new car.

To drive a classic Porsche is to express a commitment to enduring values and timeless style. That is what we care for, and that is what we want to preserve.

Telling a story and continuing it

Each and every Porsche has a history of its own, has its secrets and a story to tell. To climb into a classic Porsche is to immerse yourself in this rich and varied story, to turn a new page and to add a new chapter to that story. We see it as our task to preserve these stories and to make them available to future generations.

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